About Us

GLOMEX Military Supplies is a supplier of a high-grade military technology equipment.


Providing high-grade military equipment has become a very sophisticated procedure these days, that taking up the role of a trusted business partner requires more than just door-to-door delivery. GMS is pleased to go the “extra mile” to present, train, and provide full-scale technical and after-sale service maintenance & support throughout the entire lifetime of the product. A desire to build a strong business partnership from the very first product sold is the essential characteristic of GLOMEX MILITARY SUPPLIES’ business philosophy.


Our team is composed of consulting specialists, maintenance professionals, and product manager training experts; most of whom are former law enforcement and military professionals.


Therefore, we have the ability and knowledge to implement new technologies into complex operational environments. We take great initiative in our thorough understanding of all specific conditions and requirements to tailor our products to the client´s needs.