Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics Glomex MS 


  1. Glomex MS maintains its employees and partners not only to comply with legal requirements, but also to high ethical standards based on fairness, trust, transparency, openness, integrity and responsibility. 

  2. Glomex MS maintains its employees and partners not only to comply with legal requirements, but also to high ethical standards based on fairness, trust, transparency, openness, integrity and responsibility.

  3. General responsibility for the implementation of the Glomex MS anti-corruption program lies with the management of the company. The anti-corruption program is implemented by the Glomex MS Managing Director who is responsible for the continuous implementation of the ethical and anti-corruption agenda in the company. It is also his responsibility to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Glomex MS ethical and anti-corruption program, as well as the introduction of a formal process to deal with corruption suspicions.

  4. Glomex MS strictly rejects its employees and prohibits any corrupt conduct. In the case of proving corruption against the perpetrator Glomex MS claims a claim for compensation for damage caused by the company, as a rule, immediately terminate his employment and according to his statutory obligation promptly reports corruption conduct to the Czech Republic, which may proceed to prosecution.

  5. Glomex MS prohibits any action by employees in conflict of interest. As a result, Glomex MS employees may not engage in Glomex MS's supplier and business relationships with suppliers or purchasers of goods and services directly or indirectly and may not have any personal benefit from such relationships from any entity other than Glomex MS. The risk of conflict of interest resulting from, for example, the membership of family members or friends in the bodies of companies that are suppliers or customers of the company, or the holding of shares in these companies, should be reported to the Glomex MS personnel manager for preventive reasons.

  6. In case of a reasonable suspicion of conduct that is grossly unethical, corruptive, disruptive to the safety of work, to environmental protection or that harms the reputation of Glomex MS, the employee or any person who acquainted himself / herself in a credible manner should report such conduct by means of Glomex MS ethical line (e-mail However, petty, no-evidence or even false suggestions in order to personally harm someone should not be given. For such incentives, the communicator is fully responsible and may be sanctioned because they undermine trust and standard working relationships in the company and ultimately conflict with the Code of Conduct.

  7. Glomex MS´ employees, especially members of the sales and marketing departments, are required to familiarize external partners, especially dealers and suppliers, with Glomex MS's anti-corruption program, respectively with those parts that concern external partners.

  8. Glomex MS´ business representatives are required to take into account corruption risks in the process of evaluating business opportunities and dealing with business cases. This is mainly due to whether the customer is from the public or private sector, what is the method of awarding (competing or reaching a single entity).

  9. Glomex MS´ business representatives are obliged to check from public sources available in the media and on the internet, whether there are proven corrupt cases in connection with external partners of Glomex MS and to take this into account in business decisions, incl. the possibilities of non-binding, resp. cessation of relations with partners where corruption has occurred.

  10. As part of building good relationships, especially in the business area, Glomex MS provides its partners with standard services, including the ability to pay for Glomex MS partners' stay, donations and small presents. However, it is forbidden to provide partners with unreasonably luxurious accommodation, unethical and expensive entertainment services, or to give them gifts the value of which is manifestly inadequate. This behavior is considered potential corruption in relation to Glomex MS´ partners. Similarly, managers and employees of Glomex MS, especially in its business department, are prohibited from accepting such obviously inappropriate service or luxury gifts. In case of such a partner's behavior, Glomex MS´ employee is obliged to report this fact to his superior.

  11. In some foreign markets, public sector officials may require paying "facilitation payments" that are legal under local law. It is strictly forbidden for Glomex MS to pay such fees. Business commissions for private sector partners do not belong to the definition of facilitation payments, for example, through dealerships, licensing agreements, or agency agreements.

  12. It is prohibited to provide sponsorship gifts that are earmarked for any business opportunity in the public or private sector. Similarly, this rule is applied to donations to political parties and movements.

  13. The aim of the Code of Ethics is not only its application in Glomex MS, but also the promotion of anti-corruption agenda and fair business in the public and business sectors in the Czech Republic and in foreign markets.