An article in the ATM Magazine about our partner - the GPS Source Company


GPS Source company, as its name already suggests, is a specialist in system components working closely with the American GPS system. There are a lot of products to offer, especially high-end GPS signal amplifiers, splitters, filters and antennas. Due to the role GPS is playing in combat operations these days – ranging from displaying geographic location of individual soldiers and combat equipment up to locating weapon systems and precision munitions guidance – it is not surprising that it is really critical to secure good quality GPS signal at times. Products such as transponders (repeaters) of GPS signal COBRA-GLI, GLI-VIPER and GLI-Diamondback undoubtedly belong among the most advanced in this category. These devices provide consistent coverage of GPS signal both on the ground and in the air to ensure reliable operation of all types of the handheld GPS signal receivers. Guidance units work for accurate cargo dropping GPS terminals and special troops special forces, who can be "online" already during the flight to the target, long before the assault troops, which significantly minimizes the risk of misdropping.

It is likely that potential and usage of these and similar technologies will continue to grow in the future. More applications are being added to GPS systems that were originally used primarily as combat. GPS, or more precisely, the global satellite locating system, known also a GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System (i.e. not only the American GPS, but also the Russian GLONASS and prospectively Western European GALILEO - ed.), is slowly becoming a primary navigation system in military and civil aviation.

Conventional radio navigation systems and systems of precise approach landing approach are already becoming technologically obsolete. During the development of reliable monitoring of satellite data integrity, GNSS systems begin to be used for navigation during all phases of a flight. Most of the major international airports around the world have established approach procedures, which exclusively use GNSS data as a source of accurate navigation data. Given that this trend will continue in the future, we can expect that the usage of these devices will increase not only in the military but also for civilian commercial flight operators.

Among other interesting products in the segment of equipment and ground forces are for example: a receiver D3 - DAGR (Defence Advanced GPS Receiver) and GLI-FLO-G. The Czech Armed Forces are also interested in getting these. These devices distribute information about the geographical position, navigation situation and the exact time (PNT information) of four up to eight devices. One receiver can simultaneously deliver data to GPS terminals of all crew members in tanks and armoured vehicle, to shooting computer or for example to a datalink, that further shares the information with other users on the network. GLOMEX MS then successfully presents these and other technologies at numerous international trade fairs dealing with defence and security systems.