GLOMEX MS donates money to the Military Union Solidarity Fund


Glomex MS has raised funds for the Military Union Solidarity fund, which is the open-source model of the Army of the Czech Republic, Military Police, Military Intelligence, the Prague Castle Guard and the Czech President Military Office. A part of this contribution has been made by the GLOMEX staff employees themselves for which we are immensely grateful!

The Military Union Solidarity Fund was established in 2015 as a foundation to financially support families and unprovided children of the active national servicemen and servicewomen who either died or were disabled while carrying out their duty. Apart from its financial support the MUSF is giving the destitute a helping hand whether there´s a catastrophic event or difficult circumstances related to their service. Last but not the least, the funds mitigate the negative social economic impact to the state service individuals and their families who, involuntarily, have got into very difficult life circumstances due to the service.