We have contributed to training pilots for crisis situations


On 7 May 2019, an opening ceremony of the disorientation simulator GYRO IPT II delivered by our company was held at the Institute of Aviation Medicine in Prague. The device is the most advanced spatial disorientation simulator in Central Europe. The ceremony was attended by Minister of Defense Lubomír Metnar and other important guests from the Ministry of Defense, General Staff, Czech Air Force, medical services, etc.

GYRO IPT II will be used for training of pilots by simulating such conditions when a risk of spatial disorientation or in-flight illusion is high. Such training will significantly help pilots to recover from flight illusions adequately, as these are one of the most common causes of aircraft accidents.

The simulator will be primarily used by Czech Air Force pilots. However, it will also be available to other NATO member states’ air forces and civilian pilots.

For further info see https://fbwat.ch/1bKhzV9skhSO1G2e