Spare Parts, Service, and Accessories

Spare Parts

  • Spare parts and components, aggregates, complete technical inspection and overhauls of aggregates, full service maintenance, including complete sub-assembly overhaul of Helicopters Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171Š, Mi-24, Mi-35, Mi-2, W3A Sokol and airplanes F-16, C-130 Hercules, CASA C-295, Airbus A-320, Airbus A-319, JAK-40, MiG-29, Su-22, Antonov etc.


Technical Support and Maintenance

  • Full service maintenance of the A319 aircraft
  • Full service maintenance of the JAK 40 aircraft
  • Aircraft engines service maintenance and regular overhaul


  Accessories, Consumables

  •  Helicopter main rotor blades, tail rotor blades
  •  Special fuels, oils, lubricants and supplies for aerospace industry